| Kinomoto
Bad at small talk

Bad at Small Talk takes the casual, everyday awkwardness in conversations and turns it into an uncomfortably hilarious short film that breaks convention and the audiences’ brain.


Director, writer Viktor Horváth
Director of photography Ben Mullen
Executive Producer Avtar Khalsa, Zoltán Áprily, Anna Szijártó
Producer Natalie Mattozzi
Editor Joe Stakun, Viktor Horváth
Production Designer Olivia McManus
Art Director Áron Filkey
1st AD Giovanni Cotto Ortiz
Wardrobe Lisa Bae
Casting Director Dan Cowan


Demorge Brown as Local
Brandon Schwartzel as Customer
Katy O’Kane as Passenger
Ralston Edward Henry Jr as Celebrity
Tom Farnan as Delivery Guy
Zachary Mooren as Stranger
Olaf Eide as Uber Driver
Adam Peacock as Talkshow Host
Ashley Whelan as Guest
Viktor Horváth as Passerby / Showrunner
Giovanni Cotto Ortiz as Assistant Showrunner
Madeline Ziecker as Cue Card Girl
Marcell Rév as Steve, The Neighbor
Lisa Bae as Audience
Natalie Mattozzi as Audience
Áron Filkey as Audience
Bálint Seres as Audience
Jocelyn Soubiran as Audience
Josh 2nd Ad as Audience


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