| Kinomoto

An amateur ornithologist confronts a blithe confectioner. A tale of adultery, blackmail and violence unfolds in a small countryside pastry shop.

Director – Bálint Dániel Sós
Director of photography – Gábor Garai
Producer – Péter Ráday, Anna Szijártó, Zoltán Áprily
Editor – Joan Solsona
Production designer – Zsófi Tasnádi
Wardrobe – Zsófi Ferencz
Casting director – Linda Zsombolyai
Production manager – Fanni Verbovszki
1st AD – Jónás Togay

Áron Dimény as the ornithologist
Zsolt Szentiványi as the confectioner
Mária Schrampf as the wife
Franciska Fábián as the lover


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