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Pun Intended

A man hires strangers to mourn his late father. A room full of immigrants contend for citizenship. Five altruists compete to donate the most blood. Through these scenarios, “Pun Intended” explores the common cruelty behind our collective reality.

Director – Jack Turits
Director of photography – Gergely Pálos
Editor – Kyle Moriarty, Jack Turits
Producer – Anna Szijártó
Art director – Richárd Illés
Wardrobe – Zsófi Ferencz
Casting director – Hermina Fátyol
1st AD – Jónás Togay
Production manager – Fanni Verbovszki, Balázs Veres

Philipp Droste as Son
Éva Magyar as Wife
Juli Jakab as Christine
Miklós Béres as Mourner 1
Éva Bakos as Mourner 2
István Dankó as Mourner 3
Csaba Szigetvári as Limousine Driver
Máté Mészáros as Official 1
Tünde Szalontay as Official 2
Máté Tóth as Official 3
Marcelo Cake-Baly as 59249
Lehel Kovács as 28623
Ágnes Sarlós as 79312
Amirreza Farajvand as 45368
Róbert Marton as 68407
Anita Gyetvainé Kis as 07057
Márk Márfi as Last Immigrant
Roland Mangold as Border Guard 1
Csaba Gosztonyi as Border Guard 2
Kamilla Fátyol as Another Immigrant


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