| Kinomoto
TWUN / Music Video

Producers { Anna Szijártó (Kinomoto), Constance Guillou, Robin Giraud (Excuse My French), Zita Kisgergely (PPM Films)
Directed by { Kinopravda
Cinematography by { Bet Rourich

Creative producer: Xénia Fekete, Danila Kostil [Kinopravda]
Production manager: Anna Szijártó [Kinomoto]
Creative contributors: Ábris Gryllus, Áron Filkey [Kinomoto]
Stylist: Heni Kiss, Linda Rita Tóth
Fox maker: Géza Szöllősi
Shoes: Natacha Marro, Enikő Tóth Kern, Anna Zaboeva, Eugenia Alejos
Clothes: SCHATZI, Retrock, LoveBug Vintage
Special thanks: Victor Carrey, Gábor Piroch, Andrea Szirmai, Regina Darányi (Vision Team), Gabriel Planes (Technok), Sergi Subirá (In Extremis), Médea Kui (Boscolo Hotel), Noémi Varga
Label: 8ounce Records

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